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Flagstone Installation
Birmingham, Alabama

Custom Flagstone Patios & Walkways

A custom, natural looking flagstone patio increases your property value and lets you use your outdoor living area much more.  A beautiful flagstone patio will greatly expand the usable space in your landscape providing a relaxing outdoor area to spend entertaining with family and friends.

Whether its a small area, a walkway or a large patio addition in your landscape, TileWorks is ready to take your vision and make it a reality!

Flagstone Patio Walkway in Hoover Al



Flagstone is available in a beautiful variety of natural looking colors, making it the most popular hardscape choice for landscape design.   The colors throughout flagstone  last a long time due to the natural qualities of the stone.  Blue, brown, green, gray and red colors are typically commonly available.


Shape & Patterns

Flagstone can be laid in a multitude of patterns due to its irregular shaped pieces and is customizable to your vision.   Square cut flagstone is also available but the irregular shapes is the most popular.   Each piece of flagstone ranges from 1- 3 inches thick but once down is leveled out for a quality walkable patio surface.


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