Tile Showers - Shower Pan Repair

Is your Shower Leaking?  

If so, the shower leak repair information below could be of interest to you!                                                   281-3786

Most tile shower pans leak from the floor area from these 3 common problems:

1. Improper installation of the shower pan (Most Common, btw)
2. Something has punctured liner material underneath from movement etc.
3. Old age, brittle and crumbling apart  (in this case we recommend installing a brand new tile shower from the ground up)  

What we recommend as a long lasting solution for your tile shower if you choose not to install a complete new shower:

Replacing an entire shower can be costly and not always necessary. If you have a tile shower that you are still happy with from a visual standpoint that seems to be structurally sound, you do have the option to replace just the floor area and bottom area of walls instead of redoing the entire shower. Known as a ' Shower Pan Repair ' in the trade.

Our pictures below will show the many careful steps involved in a properly repaired shower pan replacement from start to finish. These photos were of a porcelain tile shower that wasn't very old at all, 1-2 years, but was installed by someone that didn't know the proper way to get the job done (far to common).

Give us a call if you need our hel
p with a shower pan repair or a brand new tile shower!   Custom Tile Showers are a specialty of Tile Works!




The Shower Leak Repair Process

Shower WaterProofing

We encourage and offer our customers the option to fully waterproof their shower project with a waterproofing membrane.  It is a wonderful added layer of protection against constant water exposure and moisture.  Applied over concrete backerboard, this waterproofing membrane application prevents mold growth and gives you a dryer, longer lasting product!

If you have any specific Laticrete Hydro Ban ™ waterproofing related questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call!